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Wedding Giveaway

Posted on Aug 4, 2011 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

I don’t have a wedding booked for my favorite weekend of the year, so we’re giving one away! So if you’re getting married on the weekend of October 29th this year, I want to photograph your wedding for free!

The two requirements are that it be an outdoor ceremony/venue so we can take advantage of the fall colors, and you have to be up for taking completely awesome pictures! (We’ll be happy to brainstorm locations if you need help planning).

I’ll be there all day shooting, retouch the pictures, and you get a copy of all the digital files to print or do what you want with. Yep, this is kinda like getting a really sweet early Christmas present. . .yay!

Click HERE or send me an email to to get in touch!

Here’s the fine print:
*If you already have a photographer, you’re not eligible (sorry!).
* I’ll consider traveling, but the Birmingham-Nashville-Atlanta area would be ideal as that’s where the fall colors will be at their peak.
*If you want a sweet wedding album, I’ll do a portfolio album at cost.

Here’s some fall pictures from the past couple of years to get you pumped up:

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