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Sukhkamal & Jeremy

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

Our last wedding of the year was stunningly intricate, flawlessly planned, and full of details and moments that photographers dream about. . .Sukhkamal and Jeremy are obviously each other’s best friends and so at ease in each other’s presence. It was fun to watch as the reality of the day settled in on them and their smiles grew bigger and bigger as we flowed from ceremony to ceremony to celebration.

They were surrounded by devoted family that came from all corners of the world, amazing friends who reveled in the day – including bridesmaids who assisted with several complicated but seamless wardrobe changes, groomsmen that stayed up until 3am getting the perfect turbans tied, the women at the temple that fed everyone breakfast and lunch for the Sikh ceremony, and countless others that filled the day with tradition and friendship.

Yet again, it was an honor to be so fully welcomed into their day, their circle, and their families. . .

Thanks to Ross Bridge for all of their help and behind the scene’s work.

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