SarahKathryn & Ryan

sarahkathrynryangroup 001 (Side 1)sarahkathrynryangroup 002 (Side 2)sarahkathrynryangroup 003 (Side 3)sarahkathrynryangroup 004 (Side 4)sarahkathrynryangroup 005 (Side 5)sarahkathrynryangroup 006 (Side 6)sarahkathrynryangroup 007 (Side 7)sarahkathrynryangroup 008 (Side 8)sarahkathrynryangroup 009 (Side 9)sarahkathrynryangroup 010 (Side 10)sarahkathrynryangroup 011 (Side 11)sarahkathrynryangroup 012 (Side 12)sarahkathrynryangroup 013 (Side 13)sarahkathrynryangroup 014 (Side 14)sarahkathrynryangroup 015 (Side 15)sarahkathrynryangroup 016 (Side 16)sarahkathrynryangroup 017 (Side 17)sarahkathrynryangroup 018 (Side 18)sarahkathrynryangroup 019 (Side 19)sarahkathrynryangroup 020 (Side 20)sarahkathrynryangroup 021 (Side 21)sarahkathrynryangroup 022 (Side 22)sarahkathrynryangroup 023 (Side 23)sarahkathrynryangroup 024 (Side 24)sarahkathrynryangroup 025 (Side 25)sarahkathrynryangroup 026 (Side 26)sarahkathrynryangroup 027 (Side 27)sarahkathrynryangroup 028 (Side 28)sarahkathrynryangroup 029 (Side 29)sarahkathrynryangroup 031 (Side 31)sarahkathrynryangroup 034 (Side 34)sarahkathrynryangroup 035 (Side 35)sarahkathrynryangroup 036 (Side 36)sarahkathrynryangroup 037 (Side 37)sarahkathrynryangroup 038 (Side 38)sarahkathrynryangroup 039 (Side 39)sarahkathrynryangroup 040 (Side 40)sarahkathrynryangroup 041 (Side 41)sarahkathrynryangroup 042 (Side 42)

Sarah Kathryn and Ryan are amazing, and I hope these pictures capture just a fraction of what a wonderful couple they are. The wedding was at Southside Baptist and the reception was at Bridge Street Loft, both of which were wonderful locations on a beautiful May night. Mandy Majerik designed the effortlessly artistic flowers and decor. Anita Kanellis coordinated it all beautifully. Jwhitt Productions was along to do video, and we had a wonderful day watching and documenting the first moments of their marriage!

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