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Sarah & Andrew

Posted on Jan 1, 2013 by in wedding photography | 3 comments

Sarah and Andrew’s wedding was de-ja-vu week #2 for us. Like me (Ari), Sarah is the oldest of 4 siblings, finishing medical school and looking toward the mission field. Andrew is calm and steady and on staff at the Church of Brook Hills. When I was in college, I thought I would get married sometime at the end of medical school to a pastor before I headed off to Africa. It seemed as if I was getting a peek of what my life would have looked like if that plan had played out – and encouraging to see a couple headed in the same direction we are. It was a wonderful, peaceful day full of laughter and rooted in faith and the powerful relationships these two have fostered with everyone around them.

We also had 3 of our former grooms and two of our brides in the wedding party, so it seemed like a meeting of old friends. . .

It was a VERY rainy day at Matthew’s Manor – fitting for Sarah’s Swahili name she was given when she was born, that means “mistress of rain”. Sarah and Andrew were awesome and braved the rain several times for some of the more epic pictures – but my favorites from the day are probably the little moments captured between the two of them and their family and friends. . .including the prayer circle that converged around them immediately after they said their vows. . .

Welcome to their wedding day. . .

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  1. David, you and your wife ROCK! Love the pictures, it really captures the personality of these two wonderful and dear friends. Hope to see you soon. Thanks David!

  2. Thanks so much!! Did you see the one where you’re holding the flash? 🙂 We need to hang out soon!

  3. Sarah and Andrew,
    What a truly beautiful and blessed wedding. You are so beautiful Sarah. I I still have the picture your dad sent me when you were born. You were beautiful then. God bless you both and much happiness always!!

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