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Sam & Adam

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

samadamblog 001 (Side 1)samadamblog 003 (Side 3)samadamblog 004 (Side 4)samadamblog 005 (Side 5)samadamblog 006 (Side 6)samadamblog 007 (Side 7)samadamblog 009 (Side 9)samadamblogsamadamblog 010 (Side 10)samadamblog 011 (Side 11)samadamblog 012 (Side 12)samadamblog 013 (Side 13)samadamblog 014 (Side 14)samadamblog 015 (Side 15)samadamblog 016 (Side 16)samadamblog 017 (Side 17)samadamblog 018 (Side 18)samadamblog 019 (Side 19)samadamblog 020 (Side 20)samadamblog 021 (Side 21)samadamblog 022 (Side 22)samadamblog 023 (Side 23)samadamblog 024 (Side 24)samadamblog 002 (Side 2)samadamblog 025 (Side 25)samadamblog 026 (Side 26)samadamblog 027 (Side 27)samadamblog 028 (Side 28)samadamblog 029 (Side 29)samadamblog 030 (Side 30)samadamblog 031 (Side 31)samadamblog 032 (Side 32)samadamblog 033 (Side 33)samadamblog 034 (Side 34)

The bedrock of great pictures is trust, and Sam & Adam saw something that caught their eyes and hearts in our work through a random google search. Several months and a few Skype conferences later, we were at the Liberty Warehouse in NYC photographing their wedding and having a blast. Photography has taken us to some incredible places, and having the Statue of Liberty at sunset as the backdrop documenting the day of people who welcomed us as friends at first sight is near the top of the list.

Sam & Adam, we are so grateful for your trust – being a part of your wedding was an absolute joy!

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