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Poetry in Motion

Posted on Dec 29, 2008 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

I traveled to Illinois to take pictures for my first in-family wedding this weekend. . .the pictures were great, and one of the aunts or uncles said “watching David take pictures is like watching poetry in motion.” That was very kind, but definitely made me laugh. Apparently they didn’t see me trip over a chair or stick my camera into a ceiling fan!

I think I had arrived as a “professional” photographer when my family started to believe in me! They were always supportive of me taking pictures, and many of them are hanging on their walls, but it has been in last year or so that I no longer answer questions about when I’ll stop taking pictures and go back to school. Now Arianna’s parents have our promo brochures to hand out to their friends, and my mom loves looking at our sample albums. And it’s a super-big deal that Mom suggested I photograph her nephew’s wedding. How cool to be believed in!!

The other reason the comment cracked me up was it reminded me of this GREAT song:
(the video is incredible odd and lame, but the song rocks!)

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