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Planning Part 1

I asked all my former brides what was helpful to them as they planned for their weddings. Here is one response:


Honestly, I really enjoyed looking at theknot.com (cheesy, I know) for ideas and I especially liked looking through their “real wedding” pictures. It gave me some GREAT ideas.

Etsy.com is a GREAT website to find hostess/bridesmaids/etc gifts on. They’re all handmade and reasonably priced.


I wrote down all the elements that are in a traditional wedding and ranked them on a scale of importance to me. I budgeted and made plans for my top items first (eg- for me it was pictures, music, and venue) and then adjusted for the things that were lower on the list (eg- reused flowers from rehearsal dinner for reception, put together home made welcome bags for guests, etc). That way, my top picks were sure to be incorporated 🙂

Also, do your research and be creative! There are lots of good deals out there if you’re willing to look.

Incorporate elements that are unique to your relationship into the details. I can’t tell you how many people complimented us on doing that and it makes your love for each other shine!

Don’t register at Target….they have a ridiculous return policy….even for registry holders. I was given this advice and it was one of the best pieces I received!

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