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Meghan & Lance

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

“I feel that this picture encompasses the entire day. We are both smiling and gripping each other’s hands, so excited about being married. I remember us laughing about the fact that our wedding day was finally here, we had been engaged for almost a year and it seemed like it would never happen.” – Meghan

I love happy people! Meghan and Lance were absolutely thrilled to be getting married, and I love that there is so much joy in all of their pictures.

The wedding was at 1st Methodist in Huntsville and the reception at the Early Works Museum. One of the most important things to Meghan was to have a killer party, and that definitely happened. The had DJ Coco come up from Birmingham, and I have to say, that guy is a genius.

Maybe the most tactful groomsmen’s prank I’ve ever seen occurred at this wedding. They picked Lance up (literally), locked a ball & chain to his ankle, and gave Meghan the key. They danced a bit, which is hilarious considering Lance is chained up, but Meghan was free to unlock him when she was ready. Well done guys, well done – funny, endearing, and still awesome.

One other thing that I totally loved. . .Meghan’s dress. . .good grief, definitely one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen (it came from Ivory & White in Birmingham if you’re dress hunting!).

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