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Israel & Erika

Posted on Jul 29, 2011 by in wedding photography | 4 comments

Genetics are a strange thing. . .there are some parts of who I am that I don’t think anyone in the world could totally understand except my brother and sister. One major bond that we share of that would be a thirst for doing something epic. So when I received the phone call, “Erika and I are going to get married. . .in Chile,” I can’t say I was surprised. It just seemed like the sort of thing my brother would do.

I also remember wondering at so many points over the past few years, is it possible for my brother to find a wife as amazing as mine. Honestly, I wasn’t sure, but then it happened. It’s a really cool thought that I can have the best wife in the world and my brother can have the same thing, even though Arianna & Erika are so different. They are exactly who we needed, and I hope Erika is as good for him as Ari has been for me over the last decade.

Alrighty, enough musing, on to wedding related stuff. The ceremony was at Santa Lucia, a park right in the middle of Santiago, and obviously it’s insanely pretty. People aren’t technically supposed to have weddings there, but why spoil the perfect wedding with technicalities. We got up that morning, went to the market to buy flowers, bought a cake at the bakery, got dressed up, and walked to the park, found a good place for the ceremony, and had the wedding. Afterwards Israel, Erika, Sandra (my sister) and I tromped all over the fortress taking pictures. Then we met up with family back at the hotel and went out for a totally awesome dinner. . .in a pretend submarine!

A couple of observations about the pictures. First, my brother got a suit that fit perfectly, and apparently he had to go through a world of trouble to have it tailored properly, but it was definitely worth it. I know girls spend forever trying to find a wedding dress that fits perfectly – maybe guys should make a little effort as well.
I have always wanted to go to the flower market the morning of a ceremony – it was definitely fun!
Israel and Erika are both runners and they were in wicked-awesome shape at the time of the wedding. Climbing up and down the mountain was a serious workout, and I don’t know that I could have physically done it with every couple. I know that most people work out like crazy before a wedding so they look good, but I think the bigger benefit of getting in “wedding shape” is gaining the stamina to make it through the day!
Being in a wedding and photographing it at the same time can be tricky. I was a little bit sad to be taking pictures rather than standing with the family during the ceremony. . .until I learned that everything was in Spanish anyway, and I wouldn’t have understood a word! Self-time on the camera still works great for family pics.
Last thought. . .I hope that over the next months and years, my pictures show a sense of humor. . .like with the toast picture. Maybe no one else in the world will laugh at it, but it still cracks me up:)

Below are some of our other adventures – to the Andes, Valparaiso, etc.

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  1. David, You did such an awesome job on these pictures, and we so much enjoyed getting to know you there in Chile. I was just today thinking again the great adventure of that trip. Thanks again for your beautiful work!

    Mary, Erika’s momma

  2. The toast made me laugh. You are not alone!

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