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Dads and their daughters. . .

Posted on Jun 15, 2013 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

The brides’ dads almost always look a slight bit lost in the finery and and chaos of a wedding day – I love the sweet glances before walking down the aisle – the look of pride mixed with slight disbelief that this beautiful woman is their little girl – or the determined look away and the pursed lips holding tears at bay. David and I talk often, too, about the comfort, familiarity, and relaxation that we see with the daddy daughter dances in contrast to the newness and excitement of the first dance as husband and wife. The tight grasp of the hand, beaming smiles, and emotion are so palpable and on display in a rare moment of public thanks to a man that has shaped so much of this woman’s life.

Finally, though, they always make me think of my dad – he’s the strong, silent type – always present, always ready to step in with strength and assuredness and a sixth sense about when we need a tight hug, a reassuring word, a corny joke, or just something to be fixed. My sisters and I all joke that we married different versions of my father, seeking out the characteristics that nurtured us and we know bring out our strengths and cradle our weaknesses. The last few pictures are my sisters with my dad – with laughter, passion, and arms wrapped in prayer. A few glimpses, as he showed us daily, that he loves us a “hoho bunch”.

Happy Father’s day to all of our brides fathers and the men who have stepped into their lives either from birth or through twists in life along the way. Hope you enjoyed just a few of our random moments captured in pictures

-ari (and david)

ps – i had a LOT of trouble narrowing this down! i’m so sorry if i missed people. . . i had literally 10s of thousands of pictures to go through!!

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