Courtney & Andy


I have a turning-point in my photographic style every year or so, where I make a transition from who I was to who I want to be, and I think this is definitely one of those moments. Some of the best days of my life have been photographing weddings. . .it’s the days like these, where everything just went right, and I’ll spend the next weeks and months trying to figure out exactly how and why.

The ceremony was on good Friday, and it was one of both laughter and tears – definitely amazing. The ceremony & reception were at Cherokee Town Club in Atlanta, Amy Osaba did the flowers/centerpieces, Courtney’s dress came from Ivory & White in Birmingham, and Michael Hanz was the makeup ninja.

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8 Replies to “Courtney & Andy”

  1. Wow, beautifully elegant photos here. The black and whites are stunning.

    – Pure Portraits – Photographer in Kent

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