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Brooke & Clay

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

The great thing about traveling to Hayleyville is that your mind and body acclimate on the trip – once you pass Jasper, you can feel your shoulders relaxing and an uncontrollable urge to roll the windows down and turn on some loud music. I’m always happy wherever there are fields and open spaces, and the barn reception at Clay’s grandfather’s farm was about as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned!

It is also very fun to hop into a time machine – Brooke and Clay are in an amazingly similar place in life to where we were 12 years ago – just finishing school, getting married at their home church, moving houses, starting medical school (for Brooke, like Ari). It will be an adventure, and we hope their journey is as wonderful for them as it was for us!

Thanks Angela & John from Mainstreet for video-ing the adventure with us, and thanks so much to Brooke and Clay’s families for treating us like family!!

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