Big Sky Bridal Pictures

I went out to Montana last week for the Big Sky Photo Summit, basically a workshop for wedding and portrait photographers. I love being able to learn in a small-group setting, and being around other photographers is great for refocusing and getting the creative juices flowing. We were able to do some model shooting, which was totally awesome despite the -9 degree cold! Tiffany, needless to say was extremely tough, especially considering she had just moved to MT from Hawaii! The key to making the cold manageable is to take a few pictures, put a jacket on, take a few more, go inside to warm up. . .but I still can’t believe how comfortable she was holding the snowboard – that thing was FREEZING! Marlon D. Richardson was kind enough to let me shoot with him for the afternoon – we’ll see what the coming years bring him, but my prediction is that he may be one of the next great wedding photographers. Tracy Thompson put the conference together, and I’m so glad she put in the amazing amount of hard work to make it happen!

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