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Ashley & Curt

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

The picture above is Ashley’s favorite picture from the day (and I might have to add, one of my favorite pictures ever!!). Here’s what she had to say about it: “My favorite picture is the one in the wild flowers because I had no idea that was even there until we arrived that weekend, it was suppose to rain so I never thought we would get a picture in it, you both were so fun and spontaneous after the family pictures to drive us over there in the golf cart and caputre us so in love right after we said I DO. It is incredible!”

If I had to describe my personal favorite aesthetic, it would be old, crumbling buildings. So there was no doubt in my mind that the Ruins at Barnsley Resort was going to be amazing. One of my favorite things about the day was how excited Ashley was that I was so excited about the pictures we were taking:)

The bottom line, though, is that I could have taken great pictures of Ashley and Curt anywhere that day. Curt was so excited and visibly in love with Ashley – there were so many tender touches, moments, and great kisses that translated into amazing pictures. My very favorite moment was Curt’s reaction when he saw Ashley walking out toward him. I was focuses on his face as he said “Wow” – definitely a good way to react to your bride!!

A couple of other thoughts – the reason I LOVE outdoor weddings, in addition to having great light, is that I have the freedom to move around and get great close-ups during the ceremony. I won’t ever walk in front of guests and block their view, but I can be a little more flexible about where I position myself.

How many picture do I take on a wedding day? A lot, but the bride and groom usually end up with somewhere between 800 and 1200 pictures once they are edited and culled. Unless of course, it’s a day like this with a crazy-party and then there are a few hundred more dance pictures!!

Weddings are always full of surprises. . .I have seen a limbo stick come out a time or two, but I’ve never seen someone get as low as Curt did – that was impressive!

And my personal favorite picture might be the garter toss. I remember waiting for the toss, watching the groomsman with his mouth open as if he would catch it with his teeth. . .then the garter shot dead straight at his face and nearly did hit him dead in the mouth – absolutely cracked me up!

Here’s the link for Barnsley – – it’s about 2 1/2 hours from Birmingham, but it’s totally amazing both for a wedding and vacation – Arianna and I went back for Labor Day this fall.

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