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Anna & Hunter

Posted on Jun 8, 2013 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

Shooting weddings can be stressful – trying to be several places and taking several different pictures at once, being on guard every second against missing an important moment – it’s always fun, but many days it is a ton of work. Every once in a while there comes a time where everything is easy, from the weather, to the venue, to the families, to the band playing bluegrass the entire time you’re taking pre-wedding pictures, great late-afternoon light, a field full of clover for portraits. . .Anna & Hunter’s wedding was one of those amazingly peaceful days.

Hunter and Anna had their wedding at Swann Lake stables, which is the most beautiful barn you’ll ever see, on a perfect 75 degree afternoon. It was beautiful and intimate, with mostly family, close friends, and their pastor from Hunter Street officiating the ceremony. Act of Congress played the music during the ceremony and reception – they are absolutely fantastic. B&A catered the party, P.E.W.S brought in the pews, Jackie Robinson from RawwBeauty did Anna’s makeup, Lynn Cummings second-shot with me, and PastryArts created the fantastic wedding cake (I can’t imagine how tedious it was to write 1 Corinthians 13 around an entire cake!).

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