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Angela & Lee

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

Angela & Lee’s wedding is one of a string of friends in Leeds that I’ve photographed over the past few years – it started with Matthew & Danielle, then Jordan & Jarrett, and now Angela & Lee. Working with people you know is always fun, it turns the wedding into a time of catching up with old friends.

A couple of things I loved about this wedding – Angela’s hair – I’m a big fan of sweepy bangs (no idea what the technical term is) – it looked awesome. The Sonnet House – always a great place to shoot with the great prep rooms, tons of green space, and the huge oak tree. The Vintage Rolls Royce from was a surprise from Angela’s dad, and it was awesome. . .and what a cool driver. How cute that the flower girls were allowed to go barefoot! Angela’s brother performed the ceremony, and it was amazing. . .it’s always special to have family involved. Carlos from Total Entertainment did the lighting, snow (in August!), and confetti which made for a great exit picture.

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