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Amanda & Tyler

Posted on Aug 3, 2011 by in wedding photography | 1 comment

Amanda & Tyler had their wedding at Southern Homes & Gardens in Wetumpka (about 2 hours south of Birmingham), and as you might expect they have awesome places for pictures. What an awesome day!

I love being around fun guys at weddings, and I think Tyler and his groomsmen won the prize for best guys-pictures ever. The guy hurdling Tyler is Amanda’s brother – I have a feeling holidays at their house will be a ton of fun!

Some thoughts about the wedding
– pinks photograph really well during the spring, especially at an outdoor wedding
– Spanish Moss is totally awesome – we stopped by the lake for a few minutes on the way to the reception – definitely some of my favorite pictures of the day. Taking 10 minutes to do something amazing is so, so worth it.
– the money dance is a common tradition in the North, but you don’t see it as often in Alabama. I’ve never seen money actually pinned to the bride and groom, but it was awesome!
– Wetumpka has a really cool bridge downtown. After we left the reception, we went down to the bridge for a few minutes – again, some of my favorite pictures.
– fun bridesmaids and groomsmen (and good music – thanks Jimmy!) make all the difference in the world for having a great reception.
– I really love Amanda’s side-pony-tail at the reception:)

After the wedding I found out Tyler is heading into the Air Force – I’m once again grateful that so many of the best people in our country choose to serve in the military. I like knowing that the “good guys” protecting us really are great guys.

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1 Comment

  1. Congratulations to both you Amanda and Tyler. you both are looking awesome. nice photos and nice photo shoot.


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