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Alexandra & Michael

Posted on Dec 9, 2013 by in wedding photography | 0 comments

Alex and Mike had a beautiful wedding full of family, laughter, and a bit of glamour. From the moment we walked into the hotel room to moments at twilight in railroad park to hugs at the end of the day as they climbed on the party bus, we had an amazing day weaving in and out of the festivities and capturing the grace and joy with which they interacted with each and every one of their guests. Welcome to their wedding day. . .

alexmikeblog 001 (Cover 1)alexmikeblog 002 (Cover 2)alexmikeblog 003 (Cover 3)alexmikeblog 004 (Cover 4)alexmikeblog 005 (Cover 5)alexmikeblog 006 (Cover 6)alexmikeblog 007 (Cover 7)alexmikeblog 008 (Cover 8)alexmikeblog 009 (Cover 9)alexmikeblog 010 (Cover 10)alexmikeblog 011 (Cover 11)alexmikeblog 012 (Cover 12)alexmikeblog 013 (Cover 13)alexmikeblog 014 (Cover 14)alexmikeblog 015 (Cover 15)alexmikeblog 016 (Cover 16)alexmikeblog 017 (Cover 17)alexmikeblog 018 (Cover 18)alexmikeblog 019 (Cover 19)alexmikeblog 020 (Cover 20)alexmikeblog 021 (Cover 21)alexmikeblog 022 (Cover 22)alexmikeblog 023 (Cover 23)alexmikeblog 024 (Cover 24)alexmikeblog 025 (Cover 25)alexmikeblog 026 (Cover 26)alexmikeblog 027 (Cover 27)alexmikeblog 028 (Cover 28)alexmikeblog 029 (Cover 29)

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