Lisa & Justin

Lisa and Justin had a beautiful fall day at the Sonnet House – the home of our favorite tree in the world :). Lisa and Anita (AKBrides) had planned every detail of the day impeccably – from the personalized wine glasses, to the hand knit flowers on the cake table, to the seamless infusion of burlap, pinks, and champagnes. Carol of Lillie’s Flowers complemented everything beautifully with flowers in dusty pink and white, and old fashioned restored church pews lined the ceremony aisle. Lisa and Justin wandered around the beautiful grounds with us without any concern or complaint and Justin mastered the veil “floof”. They had moments of goofiness and abandon and Lisa’s face would light up as she glanced our way “this,” she said, “is us.” – and they trusted us completely to capture it all.

We have been back to the Sonnet House every few months for our entire time in Birmingham and I got a little nostalgic as we drove in for this wedding. . we have had amazing couples, met amazing friends, and loved making incredible images for our brides and grooms there. We are so glad Lisa and Justin gave us a chance to return again. John and Angela of MainStreet were beside us to capture the day in video; Rabbi Barry performed a beautiful ceremony; Happy Catering filled everyone’s bellies, JAMM entertainment kept the party going; and they left in Coat’s Classic Cars’ beautiful Rolls Royce for a few more pictures in front of Tutwiler before they went out with friends to continue the celebration

Erica & Bret

What a perfect day. . .anytime it’s 70 degrees with beautiful weather, a great party crowd, and a beautiful venue, I’m a happy photographer. Erica’s parents are graphic designers/printers, and it was fun to watch them turn that talent toward the wedding – the details were fantastic, and they had huge canvases from the Erica’s bridal and engagement shoots up on display. Erica found her Vera Wang dress in a NYC window and had Ivory and White order it – it was pretty much spectacular. Erica was beautiful, and Bret was one of the happiest, most laid back grooms ever. One unique superstition they employed, they buried a bottle of bourbon a month before the wedding. . .it is supposed to ward off the rain, and if it doesn’t then you can drown your sorrows. It was a fun traipse into the woods to dig it up. Erica and Bret had an adventure on the way back to the Tutwiler, but we were able to grab a few shots there at the end of the night as well. . .

The venue, if you don’t already recognize it, is Rancho de las Aguilas, B&A did the catering, iidamaxx absolutely rocked (insanely talented band).

Erica & Chad

Erica and Chad had a beautiful wedding at the Sonnet House in May, one of our favorite places to shoot in beautiful weather. We teamed up again with Anita from AK Brides, Carol from Lillie’s Flowers, and Andy Tolar from Design Productions for a flawless day. Erica’s dress was from Ivory and White.

They had an elegant laid back affair with a fantastic dance party at the end where Erica and Chad were front and center. We went back to the Tutwiler with them after the reception ended for a few photos and Chad had the idea to put them on the balcony of their suite to take some pictures from across the street – with some luck and some teamwork we got a great shot from far away that we’d never taken before.

Samara & John

Ari here – while on my Trauma Rotation as an ED fellow, one of the surgeons was talking about a photographer he and his fiancee’ liked – i figured i should come clean and let him know he was talking about my husband. We love working with people who truly trust us to do what we do best – and John and Samara trusted us implicitly. They are incredibly cool people and had an equally fantastic group of friends and family, making for one of the most fun receptions we’ve ever had.

Samara got her dress at Ivory and White. The wedding was at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham and the reception was less than a block away at the Historic Rucker Place. After the reception we went back to the Tutwiler Hotel with them for some pictures in the rain.

Laura & Justin


When I met Laura a little over a year ago, she introduced herself as “my biggest fan.” She had seen pictures I took nearly four years ago and kept me in mind ever since then! It’s a huge honor to have someone love and trust me as much as Laura and Justin, and their pictures turned out absolutely fantastic!

Their wedding was at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Homewood and their reception was at “the Club”. We went to Samford to take a few pictures before the ceremony and closed the night out at the front of the Tutwiler for a few night time shots. Molly Shook from Swanky Socials did a fantastic job coordinating, and we enjoyed our first time coordinating with Hampton Road Studios for video!