Summer & Nathan

Summer holds a special place in my heart because she was one of the first “strangers” to believe in me as a photographer! She was a bridesmaid in one of my first weddings and referred several subsequent weddings. . .and nearly 4 years later, I returned to Pilot Mountain, NC to photograph her wedding. Small town weddings are fun because of how many friends and family pitch in to make the day happen. The wedding was at a friend’s property, Summer’s brother played the music for the ceremony, and her dad sang her a song during the toasting. They also included some a couple of my favorite ideas – the “family tree” and the candy “bar”!
I was also so impressed with how Summer & Nathan set the tone for the wedding – it was VERY hot, but they were determined to have a perfect day, and their positive attitude really did carry on to the guests and friends! Sarah helped me out with pictures and took several of these!