Carmen & Jeff

Carmen and Jeff had their wedding on what may have been the rainiest day I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it poured non-stop from the first of the morning until the reception over, but we did get to take a couple of sweet umbrella pictures! The groomsmen all wore the aviator glasses that Jeff gave them anyway – why let a little rain stop you from looking cool? I’m sharing a bunch of reception photos because it was simply fun! Carmen’s dad played with his band, and Jeff and Carmen both made appearances on stage to sing. . .Jeff sang “I’m still a guy” by Brad Paisley and absolutely killed it – totally amazing.
The dress. . .tell me that’s not the prettiest wedding dress you’ve ever seen. I don’t know if you can tell from pictures, but it’s a mermaid silhouette with the transparent skirt that gives it the flowy-sweetness. It came from Diane’s in Jasper – definitely worth the drive if you’re dress shopping. I love their flowers too, and I had to include the pic of the cutest ring-bearer ever!

Shelley & Andy

One thing I love about wedding photography is that many things – like the weather – are totally beyond my control! If it’s rainy, we adapt, and hopefully take more interesting pictures due to the “bad” weather:) Several of these pictures were taken by Cara & Arianna.