Ginny & David

I don’t even know what to write because words can’t express how cool Ginny & David are, and how awesome it was to travel with them! Ginny is a master-planner, who orchestrated her super-small, absolutely awesome wedding at Firehole Ranch in Montana, which is pretty much heaven on earth. Firehole is technically a fly-fishing lodge, so playing in the water with waders and fly-rods was very appropriate:) One of my favorite wedding moments of all time occurred during their ceremony. Ginny stepped off the porch and rolled her ankle, and after taking a few minutes for the shock to wear off, she decided to go on with the ceremony. So David helped her hobble down the aisle – the image of her leaning on his shoulder, smiling as big as the Montana sky – what a perfect metaphor for marriage.
The last image is of our cabin – we were neighbors for weekend – this picture was taken while we were goofing off and drinking wine on our first night in West Yellowstone.