Lisa & Justin

Lisa and Justin had a beautiful fall day at the Sonnet House – the home of our favorite tree in the world :). Lisa and Anita (AKBrides) had planned every detail of the day impeccably – from the personalized wine glasses, to the hand knit flowers on the cake table, to the seamless infusion of burlap, pinks, and champagnes. Carol of Lillie’s Flowers complemented everything beautifully with flowers in dusty pink and white, and old fashioned restored church pews lined the ceremony aisle. Lisa and Justin wandered around the beautiful grounds with us without any concern or complaint and Justin mastered the veil “floof”. They had moments of goofiness and abandon and Lisa’s face would light up as she glanced our way “this,” she said, “is us.” – and they trusted us completely to capture it all.

We have been back to the Sonnet House every few months for our entire time in Birmingham and I got a little nostalgic as we drove in for this wedding. . we have had amazing couples, met amazing friends, and loved making incredible images for our brides and grooms there. We are so glad Lisa and Justin gave us a chance to return again. John and Angela of MainStreet were beside us to capture the day in video; Rabbi Barry performed a beautiful ceremony; Happy Catering filled everyone’s bellies, JAMM entertainment kept the party going; and they left in Coat’s Classic Cars’ beautiful Rolls Royce for a few more pictures in front of Tutwiler before they went out with friends to continue the celebration

Kim & Chris

Kim and Chris had an outdoor wedding at the Sonnet House on one of the first chilly days this fall. Kim was a total trooper, and it we got gorgeous pictures with the fall colors. Every time Chris looked at Kim, he would start crying – the groomsmen stuffed his pockets with tissues as they walked down the aisle – quite endearing and hilarious. Corey from the Sonnet house did an awesome the flowers and Joe B. from Feel the Beat was the DJ (and gangham style backup dancer).

Angela & Lee

Angela & Lee’s wedding is one of a string of friends in Leeds that I’ve photographed over the past few years – it started with Matthew & Danielle, then Jordan & Jarrett, and now Angela & Lee. Working with people you know is always fun, it turns the wedding into a time of catching up with old friends.

A couple of things I loved about this wedding – Angela’s hair – I’m a big fan of sweepy bangs (no idea what the technical term is) – it looked awesome. The Sonnet House – always a great place to shoot with the great prep rooms, tons of green space, and the huge oak tree. The Vintage Rolls Royce from was a surprise from Angela’s dad, and it was awesome. . .and what a cool driver. How cute that the flower girls were allowed to go barefoot! Angela’s brother performed the ceremony, and it was amazing. . .it’s always special to have family involved. Carlos from Total Entertainment did the lighting, snow (in August!), and confetti which made for a great exit picture.

Meredith & Dale

Meredith and Dale had their awesome wedding at the beginning of May at the Sonnet House, one of the coolest wedding venues in Birmingham. Meredith is a makeup artist and between engagement & bridal shoots and wedding vendor hang-out time, we have spent a ton of time together this year! On days like these, when it’s 99 degrees outside, I get quite nostalgic for a perfect 80 degree day with a beautiful couple and an outdoor venue:)

I love that Dale really “gets” Meredith – that he knows what is really important to her and supports her in that. And I love that he let his goofy side come out for one kung-fu punch. Meredith, you definitely found a keeper:)

A couple of other thoughts. . .grey is my favorite color (I felt so symbolic, yesterday, if I knew Picasso, I would find myself a grey guitar and play) – seriously, grey, pink, and green are killer wedding colors. Vest and shirt-sleeves for the groomsmen – definitely. If I were getting married again, this is what the guys would wear.

Meredith definitely had the all-star team putting working on her wedding – Molly with Swanky-Socials was the coordinator, John and Angela with Mainstreet AV did the videography, Carol with Lillie’s Flowers did the flowers, and ride back in time provided the Rolls Royce.

Jordan & Jarrett

I love the light in December. . .. Jordan and Jarrett were cool enough to run outside with me for a few minutes to take advantage of it despite the chilliness! There were some great moments to their day – like the ring-bearer, who turned around at the front of the church and walked right back out. And the bridesmaids decorating the get-away car – I’ve never seen that before, and needless to say, it looked much better than when the typical groomsmen’s decorating job. And how awesome is the Krispy Kreme groom’s cake – amazing!