Mary and Dustin

If you’re a twenty-something in Birmingham, you’re probably friends with Mary Ivey Edgar – she’s one of those people that everyone knows and loves. Mary and Dustin are happy, goofy, and full of love for each other and everyone around them – it was an easy wedding to photograph! Also part of the fun was seeing Mary’s brother and his wife Ashley, whose wedding I shot several years ago. It’s always an honor when families ask me to shoot another milestone!

Their wedding was at First Methodist in Birmingham and the reception at the Avon Theater. We also took a walk to a park downtown to catch some of the fall color – fall came late this year, and the leaves were still gorgeous in mid-November.

Andrea & Matt

Andrea and Matt had a rockin’ New Year’s Eve wedding in downtown Birmingham at First Methodist church and the Sheraton. We got a warm, albeit windy day, but that made for some fun pictures. Looking back, I really, really liked the flow of the wedding day. The ceremony was at 3, so afterwards we took pictures and then went to Wine Loft so they could hang out with the wedding party for a couple of hours before the reception started at 7. I feel like so many times the wedding day is a total blur, but their day was so relaxed.

A couple of cool ideas from this wedding – the ring bearer ringing the bell and calling out “here comes the bride, here comes the bride” – the second time I’ve seen this, and it’s so cute. And how about the garter wrapped around a football for the garter toss. . .why not, this is Alabama after all:) And the party-bus to take us around the city was so nice – we went from the church to railroad park to Wine Loft to the Sheraton with no trouble at all.

Also, Danny from Feelthebeat was the DJ and did the photobooth – I dig the “Just Married” sign.