Celia and James

Celia and James had an absolutely beautiful wedding in Decatur last week. We had tons of time with them to take photos, and Celia had scouted out the best routes to walk from place to place to make sure we would pass by her favorite magnolia tree from when she was a girl and the idyllic columned houses with beautiful gardens.

I loved her dad escorting her from the hotel to the church for her first look, the bridesmaids in short black dresses they felt beautiful wearing, the stunning purple bouquet and lavender details, and the way James would kiss Celia’s forehead and she would relax into his arms.

In the service, the pastor read a message from Celia describing her relationship with James as a daily experience of grace and of her hope for that in their marriage. . .it was wonderful reminder as we walk into the busyness of wedding season. Welcome to their wedding day. . .

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Ali & Derek

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Ali & Derek’s wedding was our last wedding of 2013, and it was a perfect way to end the year – the elegance of the Old Decatur Courthouse, the fun of a night stroll to the Brick Store; the simple perfection of Ali’s details of blues, oranges, and lots of candlelight; the goofiness and sincerity with which they approached the day, and the certainty we were the right people to be documenting their day.

Alexandra & Michael

Alex and Mike had a beautiful wedding full of family, laughter, and a bit of glamour. From the moment we walked into the hotel room to moments at twilight in railroad park to hugs at the end of the day as they climbed on the party bus, we had an amazing day weaving in and out of the festivities and capturing the grace and joy with which they interacted with each and every one of their guests. Welcome to their wedding day. . .

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Lisa & Justin

Lisa and Justin had a beautiful fall day at the Sonnet House – the home of our favorite tree in the world :). Lisa and Anita (AKBrides) had planned every detail of the day impeccably – from the personalized wine glasses, to the hand knit flowers on the cake table, to the seamless infusion of burlap, pinks, and champagnes. Carol of Lillie’s Flowers complemented everything beautifully with flowers in dusty pink and white, and old fashioned restored church pews lined the ceremony aisle. Lisa and Justin wandered around the beautiful grounds with us without any concern or complaint and Justin mastered the veil “floof”. They had moments of goofiness and abandon and Lisa’s face would light up as she glanced our way “this,” she said, “is us.” – and they trusted us completely to capture it all.

We have been back to the Sonnet House every few months for our entire time in Birmingham and I got a little nostalgic as we drove in for this wedding. . we have had amazing couples, met amazing friends, and loved making incredible images for our brides and grooms there. We are so glad Lisa and Justin gave us a chance to return again. John and Angela of MainStreet were beside us to capture the day in video; Rabbi Barry performed a beautiful ceremony; Happy Catering filled everyone’s bellies, JAMM entertainment kept the party going; and they left in Coat’s Classic Cars’ beautiful Rolls Royce for a few more pictures in front of Tutwiler before they went out with friends to continue the celebration

Lesley & Sean

Leslie and Sean had a wonderful wedding in Auburn at the end of August. Some of my favorite moments – the fist bump with her dad before the ceremony, the flower girl walking backwards down the aisle as she watched the petals fall, the blanket Leslie made for Sean as his wedding present (Arianna made one for me when we were married and I’ve loved it ever since. . .although mine doesn’t have Saw’s BBQ on it!), and our ride around the golf course to take pictures before the reception.

Thanks Kevin for coming to shoot with me, and thank you Lesley and Sean – you guys are wonderful and it was an honor to be a part of your wedding!