Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits are truly a southern tradition. Many of the shots end up adorning the bride’s mother’s wall, but they are also a great chance to test out the fit of your dress, your hair, and your make-up – and let David take some creative portraits along with the traditional. We always end up with the traditional shots as well, but here are some of the more unconventional pictures he has taken at this “before the wedding” event.

Lauren Bridal


I don’t often get engagement & bridal pictures up on the blog, mainly because I still have a backlog of wedding pics from the spring that I need to share! But these were too cool not to post. Lauren wanted to do bridal pictures that were different and unique, and I’m really proud of how they turned out! There are some really neat colors and textures around Birmingham, and my past several bridal shoots have been in more urban settings, which I love!