Lesley & Sean

Leslie and Sean had a wonderful wedding in Auburn at the end of August. Some of my favorite moments – the fist bump with her dad before the ceremony, the flower girl walking backwards down the aisle as she watched the petals fall, the blanket Leslie made for Sean as his wedding present (Arianna made one for me when we were married and I’ve loved it ever since. . .although mine doesn’t have Saw’s BBQ on it!), and our ride around the golf course to take pictures before the reception.

Thanks Kevin for coming to shoot with me, and thank you Lesley and Sean – you guys are wonderful and it was an honor to be a part of your wedding!

Kelli & Robert

Last Saturday’s wedding was like homecoming to us. .. full of friends and so many of our favorite people, lots of our former brides and grooms and moments where we could just settle in and feel at ease. Kelli and Robert’s wedding was on one of the first real spring days here in Birmingham at Dawson Baptist and the Club. It was perfectly planned and coordinated by Anita Kanellis and Kelli had lots of wonderful blue and yellow pops of color throughout the day. Kelli’s dress was designed and made by Heidi Elnora here in Birmingham and we had beautiful skies and and fantastic sunset. Angela and John Deaver – the dynamic duo of Mainstreet Productions were with us to help capture everything, Andy Tolar did the genius lighting, Heidi Elnora designed Kelli’s dress, the beautiful yellow cake was from Olexa’s, and Coats Cars provided Elizabeth for the perfect getaway vehicle.

Kelli and Robert were wonderful and gave us lots of little moments to take epic pictures. We loved every second of being part of their day. . . .

Victoria & Chris

Victoria and Chris are fun-loving, genuine people, and it was a delight to be a part of their wedding. We had a drizzly day at Matthews Manor, but Victoria & Chris still took a ride in the horse and carriage, and we did get outside for a few pictures – and of course the fun rainy ones! Chris is a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and he not only had his little brother there, he was a groomsman – I thought that was awesome! Victoria’s dance with her step-dad was fantastic as well – they went through the range of dances from slow-dancing to brick-house to sexy-and-I-know-it – definitely a reception highlight! It is always great to be at Matthews Manor, and Carlos from Total Entertainment did the lighting and music for the reception.

Katie & Jamison


Katie & Jamison had their wedding at Reid Chapel at Samford on a perfect fall day. We walked around campus, played quidditch, and took awesome pictures! Jamison is a police officer, hence the toy cars and police escort leaving the reception. Heidi Elnora made Katie’s dress, Mandy Majerik from Hothouse Designs did the flowers, Ginny from Bits and Bobs coordinated the wedding, and the reception was at B&A Warehouse – always one of our favorite venues.

Engagement Shoot Highlights

We post a lot of weddings, but we don’t get to post another huge part of what we do. The engagement shoot is when David gets to meet the couple, hang out with them a bit, and begin to build a friendship and trust. As you can see from the pictures below, we still love cool trees, dramatic skies, and great light – but also capturing how the couple enjoys each other and interacts. We have 1000s of engagement pictures, but here are a few of our favorites (and most recent) – if you want to see more you can go to the Engagement Gallery on the website . We snuck one of us in there as well – that one was done by David’s brother with Avalanche Photography