Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits are truly a southern tradition. Many of the shots end up adorning the bride’s mother’s wall, but they are also a great chance to test out the fit of your dress, your hair, and your make-up – and let David take some creative portraits along with the traditional. We always end up with the traditional shots as well, but here are some of the more unconventional pictures he has taken at this “before the wedding” event.

Ashley & Jason

I received an email from Ashley about this time last year saying they asked a venue who was the best photographer in Alabama. . .and they said Unplugged Photography. No pressure, huh? But one of the reasons I think the last few years have been so great is that people hire us with really high expectations and consequently give us the freedom to take amazing pictures. Case in point, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens are a huge place, but we all walked to the bamboo forest, and the resulting pictures were awesome! Or the sunset pics. . .we were driving to the reception and saw a cool sky, so Ashley and Jason ran across the street with us to take a few pictures at railroad park.

It’s funny how one detail can bring an entire wedding together. . .and the detail for Ashley and Jason was something I’ve never run across at a wedding before = beards! The long jackets that the guys wore, the ascots. . .they looked so vintage and awesome. Also, I loved the bridesmaids dresses – the detail on the bottom is great!

They released butterflies during the ceremony to honor Jason’s father who passed away last year. . .the picture of the lone butterfly in the sky is one of my favorite pictures ever in terms of simplicity and symbolism.

Ashley’s mom grew up planning weddings, and it was really cool to see how all the details of the day fit together. The ceremony was at the Botanical Gardens, reception at B&A Warehouse, Mandy Majerik did the flowers, Mallory Wilkins did the planning/design, the night pictures are at the Tutwiler, and Jason’s friends played music for the ceremony and reception (holy moly, they were talented!).

Anna & Aaron

I love people who are “different,” and Anna & Aaron would definitely fit that description. They are both super-creative, deliberate, kind people with an awesome vintage sense of style that they incorporated into their wedding.

The wedding was as my home church, Vestavia Hills Lutheran, the reception at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and we went to the Redmont Hotel for just a few more pictures after the reception.

My favorite moment: if you live in Alabama, you know that weddings are a not-so-subtle opportunity to declare your love both as husband and wife and to offer your vows to the SEC football team of your choice! So of course when the DJ played Sweet Home Alabama, Anna’s dad screamed the obligatory “Roll Tide, Roll.” Anna, an Auburn grad, stuck her fingers in her ears:)