Sarah & Michael

I still remember the day that I was sitting at the computer working on pictures and heard David talking about theology with our UPS driver, Michael – granted in snippets as David signed for the package, but theology all the same. As photographers, we get lots of packages, and over the course of the last couple years, David and Michael have become good friends. When Sarah, a violinist in the Birmingham symphony, and Michael got engaged, we told would love to shoot their wedding. Sarah and Michael’s wedding last weekend was at our home church in Birmingham. It was a day built around the wedding service, the message, and the fantastic music – from classical sacred music to theme from Rocky as they walked out of the church.

The service and reception were at our church in Vestavia Hills, and Sarah’s mother brought together all the details from the flowers to the reception.

Engagement Shoot Highlights

We post a lot of weddings, but we don’t get to post another huge part of what we do. The engagement shoot is when David gets to meet the couple, hang out with them a bit, and begin to build a friendship and trust. As you can see from the pictures below, we still love cool trees, dramatic skies, and great light – but also capturing how the couple enjoys each other and interacts. We have 1000s of engagement pictures, but here are a few of our favorites (and most recent) – if you want to see more you can go to the Engagement Gallery on the website . We snuck one of us in there as well – that one was done by David’s brother with Avalanche Photography

Mary and Dustin

If you’re a twenty-something in Birmingham, you’re probably friends with Mary Ivey Edgar – she’s one of those people that everyone knows and loves. Mary and Dustin are happy, goofy, and full of love for each other and everyone around them – it was an easy wedding to photograph! Also part of the fun was seeing Mary’s brother and his wife Ashley, whose wedding I shot several years ago. It’s always an honor when families ask me to shoot another milestone!

Their wedding was at First Methodist in Birmingham and the reception at the Avon Theater. We also took a walk to a park downtown to catch some of the fall color – fall came late this year, and the leaves were still gorgeous in mid-November.