Alexandra & Michael

Alex and Mike had a beautiful wedding full of family, laughter, and a bit of glamour. From the moment we walked into the hotel room to moments at twilight in railroad park to hugs at the end of the day as they climbed on the party bus, we had an amazing day weaving in and out of the festivities and capturing the grace and joy with which they interacted with each and every one of their guests. Welcome to their wedding day. . .

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Anna & Hunter

Shooting weddings can be stressful – trying to be several places and taking several different pictures at once, being on guard every second against missing an important moment – it’s always fun, but many days it is a ton of work. Every once in a while there comes a time where everything is easy, from the weather, to the venue, to the families, to the band playing bluegrass the entire time you’re taking pre-wedding pictures, great late-afternoon light, a field full of clover for portraits. . .Anna & Hunter’s wedding was one of those amazingly peaceful days.

Hunter and Anna had their wedding at Swann Lake stables, which is the most beautiful barn you’ll ever see, on a perfect 75 degree afternoon. It was beautiful and intimate, with mostly family, close friends, and their pastor from Hunter Street officiating the ceremony. Act of Congress played the music during the ceremony and reception – they are absolutely fantastic. B&A catered the party, P.E.W.S brought in the pews, Jackie Robinson from RawwBeauty did Anna’s makeup, Lynn Cummings second-shot with me, and PastryArts created the fantastic wedding cake (I can’t imagine how tedious it was to write 1 Corinthians 13 around an entire cake!).

Ann & Kyle

In full disclosure, it is a little intimidating to shoot your wife’s boss’s wedding, but that nervousness dissipated the minute we walked into Ann’s room to start the day. Ann was literally radiant, and Kyle could not have been a more perfect groom, completely captivated by his bride. We are happiest as photographers when emotions are tangible. The smiles, laughter, tears were all on display and it was beautiful to document.

We cannot thank them enough for their complete confidence in us, for inviting us into such a sacred day, and for reminding us what it is to be truly grateful to be loved.

B & A Warehouse

We were putting together photos to give to B&A Warehouse and thought we’d share a few of our favorites here. B&A is a fantastic historic building in downtown Birmingham with exposed brick walls and twinkling lights. . . it’s a little bit of heaven for us in Birmingham and definitely one of our favorite indoor venues. . .


Best of 2012

To our 2012 brides and grooms – thank you for trusting us, laughing with us, and becoming our friends. . . here’s to another amazing year and to the beginning of the rest of your lives!