Best of 2012

To our 2012 brides and grooms – thank you for trusting us, laughing with us, and becoming our friends. . . here’s to another amazing year and to the beginning of the rest of your lives!

Mary and Dustin

If you’re a twenty-something in Birmingham, you’re probably friends with Mary Ivey Edgar – she’s one of those people that everyone knows and loves. Mary and Dustin are happy, goofy, and full of love for each other and everyone around them – it was an easy wedding to photograph! Also part of the fun was seeing Mary’s brother and his wife Ashley, whose wedding I shot several years ago. It’s always an honor when families ask me to shoot another milestone!

Their wedding was at First Methodist in Birmingham and the reception at the Avon Theater. We also took a walk to a park downtown to catch some of the fall color – fall came late this year, and the leaves were still gorgeous in mid-November.

Maegan & Justin

Maegan & Justin are the quintessential Alabama couple – they fell in love at school and even named their dogs Crimson & Tide – we did a fun engagement shoot in Tuscaloosa last fall and had an awesome time taking their wedding pictures in Birmingham. I also love that in addition to cheering for the Tide, they are each other’s biggest fan. I know that sounds cheesy, but they are both very kind, servant-hearted people and they really do support each other – it is a characteristic that will bring them a lifetime of happiness.

Maegan has a planner’s personality (which I really appreciate) and put together a fun peacock-themed wedding. Like so many of our bride & grooms, Maegan and Justin gave us permission to take great pictures even though it was hot outside and would have been easy to say no. Getting outside in front of the Highlands Methodist for just a few minutes gave us some really sweet pictures. . .and the light by Hotel Highland was amazing. Just a few Cats played at the reception – definitely one of my favorite bands, and it was an awesome party! It was also great to work with Angela and John from Mainstreet again – they’re some of my favorite people.

Details that I really liked: the peacock feather on Maegan’s shoe. . .the krispy-kreme groom’s cake drizzled with chocolate in case they weren’t sweet enough already. . .the brocade spotlights on the wall of the Avon theater that made it photograph so well. . .a band that does a killer Michael Jackson cover!!!

Carmen & Jeff

Carmen and Jeff had their wedding on what may have been the rainiest day I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it poured non-stop from the first of the morning until the reception over, but we did get to take a couple of sweet umbrella pictures! The groomsmen all wore the aviator glasses that Jeff gave them anyway – why let a little rain stop you from looking cool? I’m sharing a bunch of reception photos because it was simply fun! Carmen’s dad played with his band, and Jeff and Carmen both made appearances on stage to sing. . .Jeff sang “I’m still a guy” by Brad Paisley and absolutely killed it – totally amazing.
The dress. . .tell me that’s not the prettiest wedding dress you’ve ever seen. I don’t know if you can tell from pictures, but it’s a mermaid silhouette with the transparent skirt that gives it the flowy-sweetness. It came from Diane’s in Jasper – definitely worth the drive if you’re dress shopping. I love their flowers too, and I had to include the pic of the cutest ring-bearer ever!

Bonnie & Andrew

When you photograph weddings almost every weekend, you love details that are “different” – like this wicked-cool cake. . .and Bonnie & Andrew playing air guitar during the first dance. We (meaning one of the ushers, and then me) ran all over the neighborhood to chase down the ice cream man, which was quite nice on a 96 degree day. And even though we were smack in the middle of downtown, we caught a spectacular sunset. Good times:)