Best of 2012

To our 2012 brides and grooms – thank you for trusting us, laughing with us, and becoming our friends. . . here’s to another amazing year and to the beginning of the rest of your lives!

Liz and Nick

Liz and Nick are beautiful people and their wedding at Autumn Ridge was every bit as beautiful as they are. We had a perfect fall day, a sunset ceremony, awesome light, fun play-time with Angela and John Deaver from Mainstreet, a killer band, and a fantastic party-reception. Thanks to Becky from Becky’s Brides for coordinating a great day and to my brother Israel for flying in to help me shoot!

Ginelle & Brandon

Timing. . .I would definitely attribute it to God, because things work out so frequently for me at the exact right time. Ginelle mentioned to me that she wanted to do her bridal pictures somewhere near Birmingham with a view of the mountains. . .there are a couple of spots, but it’s not like we live on the Blue Ridge Parkway. But I heard about a new venue a few days beforehand. . .I hadn’t even seen pictures of it, but I drove down and it definitely had a sweet view. We took bridal pictures there, had the greatest sunset ever, and Ginelle changed her venue to have the wedding at Autumn Ridge. . .and the wedding was fantastic as well!

Things that I loved – Ginelle’s dress – wow. Brandon getting emotional – I love it when big, tough military guys cry, definitely a sign of a good heart. Wedding venues with a great sunset view – Autumn Ridge is great for that. The lanterns – really tricky to take pictures of, but they were so cool! The barbie-doll game – Ginelle had a barbie, Brandon had a Ken doll, and they when asked question they would raise their doll to answer. Very cute idea.

People I worked with for this one – Autumn Ridge, Carlos at Total Entertainment, Carol at Lillie’s Flowers , Coats Cars , becky at beckysbrides