Celia and James

Celia and James had an absolutely beautiful wedding in Decatur last week. We had tons of time with them to take photos, and Celia had scouted out the best routes to walk from place to place to make sure we would pass by her favorite magnolia tree from when she was a girl and the idyllic columned houses with beautiful gardens.

I loved her dad escorting her from the hotel to the church for her first look, the bridesmaids in short black dresses they felt beautiful wearing, the stunning purple bouquet and lavender details, and the way James would kiss Celia’s forehead and she would relax into his arms.

In the service, the pastor read a message from Celia describing her relationship with James as a daily experience of grace and of her hope for that in their marriage. . .it was wonderful reminder as we walk into the busyness of wedding season. Welcome to their wedding day. . .

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Sydney & Blake

We have never felt more welcome than we did walking into Sydney and Blake’s wedding last weekend – we shot Sydney’s sister Jennifer’s wedding 9 months ago (who was the new sister-in-law to Laura and Roan, the first wedding we ever shot in Birmingham) and it’s always a huge compliment to be asked into yet another important day in a family’s life. Rain threatened all day but in the end we had a beautiful, cool spring evening. The grounds of Glendalough Manor in Tyrone, GA were dripping with color (and their staff was amazing – smoothly moving the day from one place to the other).

Sydney and Blake trusted us completely and let us steal them away for night shots and shots in the rain that finally appeared 20 minutes before they left. We had an amazing evening with them and all their friends and family. . welcome to their wedding day. . .