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Miriam & Steve


Our first Kenyan wedding, and a delight it was. One of my favorite aspects was simply being able to photograph freely! We see so many photogenic people and amazing faces every day at the hospital, but it is often not appropriate to take pictures. The wedding is completely different, where the expectation is for everything and everyone to be documented.

The photography approach is slightly opposite of America, where I’m used to being in the back of a church. We were working alongside a media team who had video lights set up in close proximity to the bride and groom at all times, so it was great for picture taking during the ceremony and really feeling part of the event. There is much singing and dancing, from the groom’s family arriving at the bride’s house first thing in the morning, to dancing into the wedding ceremony, to dancing into the reception. Gift-giving was a significant part of the reception, with different groups from the community offering different presents. . .the picture in the post above is miriam tossing wheat and putting a traditional Kikuyu basket on her head. There were still quite a few familiar elements like the vows, cake cutting, and bouquet toss (to All the Single Ladies). We are grateful to Miriam and Steve for having us as part of their celebration!

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Jessica & Bill


Jessie & Bill’s pictures will always be very special because of the amount of trust they showed in me to be their photographer. This was my trip home from Kenya to shoot, and was definitely worth the journey. It is wonderful photographing artists, although these two are much more talented than me – makes it just a bit intimidating! Jessie sewed bowties for the groomsmen and Bill designed the necklace she wore. . .based on a “doodle” he was drawing the first time they met!

Preparations were at the Sonniat House in the French Quarter, ceremony at St. Mary’s Cathedral (next to the old Ursuline Convent), and reception at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters in City Park.

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susan boyle - Hello! how do we by photos?
We hope you are very , very, well!
Susan Boyle (Benton’s wife)
(bridesmaid and sister in law)

victoria - These are beautiful! Awesome Job

Best of 2014

2014 was an amazing year, and we are so honored that you had us to your part of the country, whether NYC, Cape May, Bel Air, Boise, and even south to the Dominican Republic! Thank you for trusting us with your memories and for giving us the greatest job in the world!! If you want to follow our new adventures in Kenya, you can find us at www.shirkadventure.com.

These are a few of our favorite pictures from the year:unpluggedphotography_rosewood 016 (Side 16)unpluggedphotography_rosewood 017 (Side 17)unpluggedphotography_rosewood 010 (Side 10)unpluggedphotography_rosewood 022 (Side 22)unpluggedphotography 001 (Side 1)unpluggedphotography 009 (Side 9)unpluggedphotography 015 (Side 15)unpluggedphotography 027 (Side 27)unpluggedphotography 029 (Side 29)celiajamesblog 004 (Side 4)celiajamesblog 008 (Side 8)celiajamesblog 016 (Side 16)blog0402_celiajames0628_D13A6662celiajamesblog 018 (Side 18)emilyadam 002 (Side 2)emilyadam 015 (Side 15)emilyadam 014 (Side 14)emilyadam 025 (Side 25)blogliviachris 019 (Cover 19)blogliviachris 013 (Cover 13)blogliviachris 018 (Cover 18)
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Kathy & Mark

Kathy and Mark were wonderful from the first moment we met them to their last moment of leaving under a trail of sparklers. Their wedding day was filled with joy, laughter, the beach and a vineyard, perfect light, soft breezes, family, and friendship. We were grateful to be a part of it all.

kathymarkblog 001 (Side 1)kathymarkblog 002 (Side 2)kathymarkblog 003 (Side 3)kathymarkblog 004 (Side 4)kathymarkblog 005 (Side 5)kathymarkblog 006 (Side 6)kathymarkblog 007 (Side 7)kathymarkblog 008 (Side 8)kathymarkblog 009 (Side 9)kathymarkblog 010 (Side 10)kathymarkblog 011 (Side 11)kathymarkblog 012 (Side 12)kathymarkblog 013 (Side 13)kathymarkblog 014 (Side 14)kathymarkblog 015 (Side 15)kathymarkblog 016 (Side 16)kathymarkblog 017 (Side 17)kathymarkblog 018 (Side 18)kathymarkblog 019 (Side 19)kathymarkblog 020 (Side 20)kathymarkblog 021 (Side 21)kathymarkblog 022 (Side 22)kathymarkblog 023 (Side 23)kathymarkblog 024 (Side 24)kathymarkblog 025 (Side 25)kathymarkblog 026 (Side 26)kathymarkblog 027 (Side 27)kathymarkblog 028 (Side 28)kathymarkblog 029 (Side 29)kathymarkblog 030 (Side 30)kathymarkblog 031 (Side 31)kathymarkblog 032 (Side 32)kathymarkblog 033 (Side 33)kathymarkblog 034 (Side 34)kathymarkblog 035 (Side 35)kathymarkblog 036 (Side 36)kathymarkblog 037 (Side 37)kathymarkblog 038 (Side 38)kathymarkblog 039 (Side 39)

This wedding was special for us. . . a 7th wedding removed from the original bride in a chain of referrals filled with wonderful memories, beautiful days, and brides and grooms that have become friends. We drove from South Carolina to New Jersey for our last wedding in the States before moving to Kenya. David is still flying back and forth for weddings next year, so still write to see if it is possible for him to come to you. . .thanks for all the support over the last 10 years. . . .I’ll be blogging the rest of our summer weddings over the next few weeks!

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