Ashley & Jeremy

Ashley & Jeremy’s wedding definitely brought back some memories as Arianna and I were married in the same church 9 years ago! Ashley is techically my sister-in-law, but just as with all of Arianna’s family, we really are as close as real siblings. Ashley is one of those people who lights up when she feels loved. . .I know people talk about glowing brides all the time, but with Ashley it was for-real.

Family weddings are a big deal for the McLains – Arianna’s dad is a pastor, so he pulls double-duty, both as a dad and the minister. Madeline & Annabelle (my daughters) were the flower girls, Chip (my brother-in-law) played music as usual, and I took most of the pictures. Arianna pulled quadruple duty – she was a bridesmaid, took pictures, made the bouquets, and played mom for the girls.

It is a little bit scary adding a new brother to the family. . .what if he’s not funny, what if he doesn’t like us, what if he isn’t an awesome husband? Thankfully we didn’t have to worry about any of that with Jeremy – I have really enjoyed getting to know him – he is not at all afraid to be a goofball or to express how much he loves Ashley. The holidays are going to be even more awesome this year!

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Wedding Giveaway

I don’t have a wedding booked for my favorite weekend of the year, so we’re giving one away! So if you’re getting married on the weekend of October 29th this year, I want to photograph your wedding for free!

The two requirements are that it be an outdoor ceremony/venue so we can take advantage of the fall colors, and you have to be up for taking completely awesome pictures! (We’ll be happy to brainstorm locations if you need help planning).

I’ll be there all day shooting, retouch the pictures, and you get a copy of all the digital files to print or do what you want with. Yep, this is kinda like getting a really sweet early Christmas present. . .yay!

Click HERE or send me an email to to get in touch!

Here’s the fine print:
*If you already have a photographer, you’re not eligible (sorry!).
* I’ll consider traveling, but the Birmingham-Nashville-Atlanta area would be ideal as that’s where the fall colors will be at their peak.
*If you want a sweet wedding album, I’ll do a portfolio album at cost.

Here’s some fall pictures from the past couple of years to get you pumped up:

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Amanda & Tyler

Amanda & Tyler had their wedding at Southern Homes & Gardens in Wetumpka (about 2 hours south of Birmingham), and as you might expect they have awesome places for pictures. What an awesome day!

I love being around fun guys at weddings, and I think Tyler and his groomsmen won the prize for best guys-pictures ever. The guy hurdling Tyler is Amanda’s brother – I have a feeling holidays at their house will be a ton of fun!

Some thoughts about the wedding
– pinks photograph really well during the spring, especially at an outdoor wedding
– Spanish Moss is totally awesome – we stopped by the lake for a few minutes on the way to the reception – definitely some of my favorite pictures of the day. Taking 10 minutes to do something amazing is so, so worth it.
– the money dance is a common tradition in the North, but you don’t see it as often in Alabama. I’ve never seen money actually pinned to the bride and groom, but it was awesome!
– Wetumpka has a really cool bridge downtown. After we left the reception, we went down to the bridge for a few minutes – again, some of my favorite pictures.
– fun bridesmaids and groomsmen (and good music – thanks Jimmy!) make all the difference in the world for having a great reception.
– I really love Amanda’s side-pony-tail at the reception:)

After the wedding I found out Tyler is heading into the Air Force – I’m once again grateful that so many of the best people in our country choose to serve in the military. I like knowing that the “good guys” protecting us really are great guys.

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