A never-ending process for us is figuring out how to portray who I am as a person and photographer. This is the preview for a sample album we’re going to print, and I’m totally excited about it!

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Planning Part 1

I asked all my former brides what was helpful to them as they planned for their weddings. Here is one response:


Honestly, I really enjoyed looking at theknot.com (cheesy, I know) for ideas and I especially liked looking through their “real wedding” pictures. It gave me some GREAT ideas.

Etsy.com is a GREAT website to find hostess/bridesmaids/etc gifts on. They’re all handmade and reasonably priced.


I wrote down all the elements that are in a traditional wedding and ranked them on a scale of importance to me. I budgeted and made plans for my top items first (eg- for me it was pictures, music, and venue) and then adjusted for the things that were lower on the list (eg- reused flowers from rehearsal dinner for reception, put together home made welcome bags for guests, etc). That way, my top picks were sure to be incorporated 🙂

Also, do your research and be creative! There are lots of good deals out there if you’re willing to look.

Incorporate elements that are unique to your relationship into the details. I can’t tell you how many people complimented us on doing that and it makes your love for each other shine!

Don’t register at Target….they have a ridiculous return policy….even for registry holders. I was given this advice and it was one of the best pieces I received!

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Real Simple Weddings

I’ve never researched this, but my impression is that the first thing a bride-to-be does after being engaged is pick up a wedding magazine. . .or two. . .or three! And then they’re twenty times more confused than they were before they started reading the magazine. The point of the big national magazines isn’t to help brides plan a wedding, it’s to present as many advertisements as possible!

This is the HUGE exception – the Real Simple wedding issue. I haven’t read it yet, but if it’s anything like last year’s, it will be the only magazine you ever should read! Here’s a link where you can order it online or it should be in stores in February. Simple is good:)

**Update** I picked up a copy at Target the other day. I’m sure it’s available at bookstores as well.

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The coolest part of the new site, and the real reason we decided to change is the ability to make as many pages as we want, and make them look however we want. I’m totally stoked about the potential for these mini-sites, and what we can do for our couples using them! Below are a couple of screen grabs from the new pages.

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New Site

Wahoo! The new site is finally “done.” Done is in quotation marks because part of the reason we started the new site is the ability to change layout and design at any time. I’m sure we’ll be tinkering around with it forever!

One neat possibility is to make save-the-date sites for our couples. So after the engagement shoot, we’ll put up a slideshow of the pictures along with wedding details and information. I hope to design them to fit the couple’s style and story. Super-cool!!

Another thing that I love is the “about” page. We made a slideshow with a bunch of our favorite travel pictures from the past years, and I love having all my favorite pictures in one place where I can look at them anytime I want:)

A final detail that is so cool it almost makes my head explode – in the top right corner of the main wedding page is a button with arrows on it that enlarges the site full-screen. Visually Yummy!

So check it out – www.davidshirkphotography.com – hopefully in the next couple of days the old url – www.unpluggedweddings.com will redirect to the new site.

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